Aristel EW20 - SLT PBX



The Aristel EW 20 is a fully optioned SLT PABX,
perfect for businesses that want the functionality
of a large system without the price tag.

The system can be configured as either a 208 or 416
The EW 20 has a compact cabinet, an Auto attendant,
as well as 4 channels of Caller ID.

Full features available with Aristel SLT 70 Handsets

For more information, check out the EW20 Brochure
and check out the SLT Compatible Phones

Aristel SLT70 Series
  • Call transfer
  • Call forward
  • DND Setting
  • Hot Line setting
  • CO Line Hunting
  • Caller ID Number Display
  • All Group Pick up
  • Directed extension pick up
  • Built-in Auto Attendant
  • Built-in trunk line access code
  • Flexible Extension Numbering
  • Power Failure Transfer Phone
  • Provides 40 Forced Account Codes
  • Multi-level Toll Restriction
  • Up to 16 ringing extensions for
    the incoming calls
  • Restricted code for outgoing calls
  • Self-checking of port number and
    extension numbers (installation)
  • External MOH Port


  • The Aristel SLT70W (White ) and SLT70G (Grey) are the recommended handsets for this system as the full features of the PBX are available.

  • The EW20 SLT PBX has a flash time of 600ms. You will need to ensure the handsets flash time is adjusted to this.
  • When a call is on hold, some handsets automatically hang up after the transfer has been disconnected. This leads to "hold" times of only several seconds before the handset starts ringing again to retrieve the call. To extend this time, simply put the call on speaker before pressing hold. Then to retrieve, press speaker to hang up the hold.
  • More information on these and other common issues are in the EW20 Help Notes

Brochures and Guides

EW20 Brochure
EW20 Manual
EW20 HelpNotes

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