The all-new Aristel Digital DV Gold Series leads the way in combining today's most wanted features with the ultimate in ease of operation. The result is a stylish multi-functional communications system that will give your business a decisive competitive advantage.

Inbuilt options include a GSM card to enable wireless connection to the telephone network, voice mail with 100 mailboxes, IP card for computer telephony and least cost call routing. These are just some of the features that make the Aristel DV Gold Series the intelligent choice for business.

The flexibility of a fully expandable design allows the DV Gold Series system to grow with your business. Handsets are available with various feature levels to suit your budget and requirements.

Integrate your business mobile fleet

Your Aristel DV Series phone system can also be configured to utilise your business mobile fleet as extensions, allowing the ultimate in mobility. Click Here to find out more.

Handsets & Accessories

Aristel DV Gold Series phone Handsets

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Call management features

  • Inbuilt least cost routing - Select a low cost call carrier and slash your call costs with Aristel LCR. The system determins the lowest cost carrier for the number dialled
  • Caller ID function - See who is calling before you answer the phone. DV Series handsets with display show the calling number.
  • Voice Mail - Enjoy the efficiency of up to 100 voice mail boxes complete with auto attendand call management.
  • Call detail listing - The DV Series allows a complete listing of all incoming and outgoing call details, including dialled numbers and call duration.
  • Individual call level facility - Call restrictions can be set to bar STD/IDD calls on specified extensions if desired, and can be over-ridden with a personal account code.
  • Cordless phone compatible - The DV Series offers full compatibility with DECT and Aristel EnGenius Durafon cordless phones to increase the efficiency of staff on the move.

Your personal assistant

  • Follow-me function - This feature allows your calls to be directed to the extension of your choice, wherever you may be on the phone.
  • Personal time and date reminder - Simply enter important dates or appointment times on your handset for a convenient reminder as they arise.
  • Convenient calculator - No more hunting for a calculator while you are on the phone. The DV Series puts a calculator at your fingertips on display models.
  • System Speed Dials - Store a massive 1,000 phone numbers ready for instant speed dial.
  • GSM Facility - An in-built GSM Card allows the DV Gold Series to connect to the telephone network wirelessly, just like a mobile phone.

Choose the DV Series Phone System that best matches your needs

The DV Series Phone System is available in three configurations:-

DV Series Telephone System

DV 22 Telephone System

Standard 3 Lines (Maximum 6)
Standard 4 Extensions (Maximum 12) - Modern Versions have Hybrid SLT and DV Keyset Ports

Compatible Handsets


DV Series Telephone System

DV 38 Telephone System

Standard 4 Lines (Maximum 38) - PSTN (max 12 lines), ISDN 2 (max 12 lines), ISDN 10/20/30 or IP Card
Standard 8 Extensions (Maximum 26) Note: Mixture of 24 Keyphones, 2 Standard Telephones, Cordless and Mobile Extensions.

Compatible Handsets


DV Series Telephone System

DV 96+ Telephone System

Standard 4 Lines (Maximum 30) - PSTN, ISDN 2, ISDN 10, 20, 30 or IP Card
Standard 16 Extensions (Maximum 66) Note: Extensions can be either Keyphones, Standard Telephones, Cordless and 16 Mobile Extensions.

Compatible Handsets


DV Series Control Unit Options & Specifications

DV Series Options and Specifications


Aristel is a world leader in business communications, with systems sold in over 50 countries, and over 40,000 systems installed in Australia alone.

Every Aristel DV Gold Series system is fully covered by a one-year all-component warranty, supported by the Aristel manufacturing and worldwide distribution network.

Brochures & Media

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